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How to create a Happy Birthday or Anniversary email flow

You can create automated email flows based on different triggers, including specific dates. A great way to use this feature is by setting up a Happy Birthday or Happy Anniversary email flow to message subscribers on their special days. Here’s how to set that up! Create personalization field 1. If

How to create a Welcome Email series

One of the most common types of automated messages is the Welcome Email. It’s a great way to thank subscribers for signing up for your newsletter and share a little more information on what they can expect from you. Here are the basics for creating a welcome email series: 1.

How to Select a List For Campaign Sending

Choose who you want your campaign to send to by using your Campaign Builder. You can find the builder under Email > Campaigns and then choosing a campaign draft or creating a new one. 1. Click Choose Recipients next to Recipients. 2. Choose which contact list(s) it will send to.

How do I send a campaign to a single contact?

Whether you’re creating a new campaign or updating a draft, you can send a campaign to a single contact by following these steps: 1. From your Campaign Builder (Email > Campaigns), click Choose Recipients. 2. Click Send to Individual Contacts, and then search for the contact(s) you want to use.

How to send a flyer or PDF as a campaign

You can create a campaign from a flyer or PDF you’ve created. You should have already converted your PDF into an image. Make sure your image is either a JPG, PNG, or GIF file. The file must also be under 12 MB. 1. Click Email > Campaigns from the left-hand

How to create and use Tags

Tags are when you add labels to your contacts so you can provide them with more targeted information. Think about them as sub-categories to lists. Some Tag options include the contact’s interests, birthday month, location, VIPs, unengaged or where you met them. A Tag can be anything that helps you

How do I add images side-by-side (using columns)?

To add columns or images/text side by side, first click on the Rows tab in the Drop Module menu: Second, drag in any of the various column modules. Next, click back to the Content tab in the Drop Module menu. And finally, drag content modules, such as images or text, into each section or

How do I add an animated video block/GIF to my email?

Not to be confused with the standard video block, this option lets you insert a link to a video that also automatically generates a GIF of the video into your email. Please note you can only use this feature with YouTube videos. **There is a max of 20 saved Animated