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How to create a Welcome Email series

One of the most common types of automated messages is the Welcome Email. It’s a great way to thank subscribers for signing up for your newsletter and share a little more information on what they can expect from you.

Here are the basics for creating a welcome email series:

1. From the left-hand navigation, click Automation > Journeys.

2. Click New Journey+ in the top right.

3. Name the Journey, and click Add a Trigger to Begin.

4. Select the list that is connected with your signup form, and click Save.

5. Click + > Action > Send Email > Next.

6. Select your Welcome Email campaign from the dropdown option, and click Save.

7. Click Live in the top-right if you’re finished with your Welcome email automation. If you’d like to add more automation to the series, continue reading below.

8. To set another email in the Welcome series, click Action > Set Delay > Next. This can be a follow-up for those who did or didn’t open the original message.

9. Select the delay time (ranging from minutes to weeks) to send the follow-up email, and click Save.

10. You can choose to send another email via Action or set a Condition like whether or not they’ve interacted with your original Welcome email. This message can either be nurturing a relationship with someone who engaged with the original Welcome message or trying another approach to get them to interact, depending on their initial response.