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How to Select a List For Campaign Sending

Choose who you want your campaign to send to by using your Campaign Builder. You can find the builder under Email > Campaigns and then choosing a campaign draft or creating a new one.

1. Click Choose Recipients next to Recipients.

2. Choose which contact list(s) it will send to. To select one or more of your lists, select List(s) and then search for the list or click on the list(s) name(s) one at a time from the drop-down. To send to all of your lists, click Entire List.

Advanced options

You can use the Advanced options to send campaigns to tagged contacts, exclude contacts from a campaign, and segment your audience.

1. To select contacts with one or more tags, click Yes next to Send campaign to tagged contacts. Click the drop-down to choose tags, or type in the tag name. You can also choose to Create new tag if you don’t currently have one you want to use.

2. If you don’t want your campaign to be sent to certain contacts, click Yes next to Exclude contacts from campaign. This will pull up three options you can exclude: by list, tag, or domain. After checking the box(es), type or choose from the given options to exclude those contacts.

3. You can also Segment your audience by clicking Yes next to that option. Type in your existing segment name or choose from the drop-down. You can also click to create a New Segment.

4. After you’ve chosen which contacts to send your campaign to, click Save Recipients.