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How to create a Happy Birthday or Anniversary email flow

You can create automated email flows based on different triggers, including specific dates. A great way to use this feature is by setting up a Happy Birthday or Happy Anniversary email flow to message subscribers on their special days. Here’s how to set that up!

Create personalization field

1. If you don’t already have a Birthday or Anniversary field set up, go to Audience > Manage Contacts > Personalization Fields. Then, click Add New Data Field. Select Date as the field type, name the field Birthday or Anniversary, and click Create New Field.

Note: You will also need to have a Happy Birthday or Happy Anniversary email campaign created. Check out this tutorial on how to create a campaign if you need help getting started!

Set up automation

1. From the left-hand navigation, click Automation > Journeys.

2. Click New Journey in the top right.

3. Name the Journey at the top, and click Add a Trigger to Begin.

4. Choose Custom Field. Then, select the Birthday or Anniversary personalization field from the top drop-down and Today from the bottom drop-down. Our system will check today’s date with all of the contacts that match that date in the selected personalization field. For example, if today’s date is Dec. 16 and the birthday or anniversary in the contact’s profile is Dec. 16, they will receive an email. Click Save.

5. Click + and then choose Action > Send Email. Click Next.

6. Choose the Happy Birthday or Happy Anniversary email from the drop-down, and click Save.

7. If you’re ready to activate this Journey, click Live.

Remember: Setting the Journey to live will activate all of the actions that are ready to be performed. Once a Journey is live, sent emails can’t be undone.

8. Check the box that you’re ready to go live, and click Go Live.

9. If you’re not ready for the automation to be live, click Save & Exit.

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