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How to create and use Tags

Tags are when you add labels to your contacts so you can provide them with more targeted information. Think about them as sub-categories to lists. Some Tag options include the contact’s interests, birthday month, location, VIPs, unengaged or where you met them. A Tag can be anything that helps you better identify your subscriber. Once you’ve added Tags to your

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How do I merge fields in my contact list?

If you have two or more fields that you’d like to combine into one, you can do that under Contacts > Fields and Tags. Why Would I Do This? An example of why you would want to do this would be if you wind up with three different fields for City – let’s say you have “City – Home,” “City

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What are Merge Tags and How Do I Use Them?

What is a Merge Tag? Merge Tags (also known as Personalization Fields or Data Tags) allow you to customize your email campaigns to keep your customers more engaged. These tags are automatically created when you add fields to the Personalization tags page, or to your Sign Up Form. Adding a Merge tag into a Robly email allows you to include

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