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How do I change padding?

You can change padding for any content module to either add or reduce additional space around them. Here’s how. First, click on/in the module whose padding you want to change. Then, find the Block options section under Content on the right hand side. The default is set to change the padding on

How Do I Add a PDF to My Campaign?

**Currently, you can only insert a PDF as a link within your text, not as an image. If you have a PDF you want to insert as an image, you will need to convert it to a JPG or PNG first** You can link to a PDF from a text link, button,

How do I add an opt-out link at the top of my email?

Robly automatically places an opt-out link in the footer of every email you send out. But oftentimes, it’s a great idea to put one at the top, too. This can help prevent SPAM complaints because people may be more likely to opt out if they see that option immediately (ie

How do I add images and text to a campaign?

Okay, so you’ve chosen a template (or to build from scratch). Now what? In the design editor, you’ll see a Drag and Drop Module menu on the right. Under Content you’ll see Text and Image. Click and drag either the text or image module into the body of your campaign. You

How do I change the color of text?

To change the color of text: The first step is to select the text module whose text you want to change by clicking on it. Once selected, the menu on the right will display content properties. The first thing in the content properties menu is Text color. You can click

How do I edit an image?

You can edit an image you upload directly in the drag and drop editor: To edit an image from inside the Campaign Builder: Click the image module to select it. To edit image size, use the section in the red square below. Toggle the Auto-width off to scale the image

What do I do with the SMS/text verification code?

This feature is what will enable to you to send test emails in Robly. Click to Create a New Campaign under Campaigns, or click EDIT under an existing campaign you’ve already created. Click the Send Test Email button, which is under the Next Step button in our original editor and under Options

How do I edit the footer of my email?

Footer information is required in all emails sent through Robly. You can edit your company name, website, and physical address in the footer. You can also use and store different footers for different campaigns if you choose. Here’s how: In the campaign editor, under the Options menu, choose Edit Footer. This