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How Do I Import Contacts to Robly?

Importing your list of contacts is easy! **FIRST AND FOREMOST, NEVER, EVER UPLOAD A RENTED OR PURCHASED LIST INTO ROBLY. WE CAN AND WILL FIND OUT IF YOU HAVE, AND WE WILL SHUT YOUR ACCOUNT DOWN IMMEDIATELY. FOR MORE ON SPAM, CLICK HERE. ** Import Contacts 1. Go to Audience > Manage Contacts. Select from Add a Single Contact to add individual

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How do I add a single contact?

If you want to add a group of subscribers at once, you should import contacts. 1. If you only have one or two subscribers you need to add to your list, you can add them manually from Audience > Manage Contacts > Add a Single Contact. 2. Once you’ve typed in the person’s email address at the top of the

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