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What types of lists does Robly allow?

Robly is intended to be an opt-in email marketing service. We allow lists of opted-in subscribers (we will not require you to have them re-opt-in when you switch), and  actual customers from the last 12 months.  For examples of good and bad lists, click here. Old, unengaged lists cause most

Does Robly have archives?

Yes, Robly has archives. If you click the campaigns tab, you’ll see all of the campaigns you have previously sent. Click the View button underneath any campaign title to see the permanent, archived version of the campaign in your browser. Click View Archives in your Campaign dashboard to see the

Does Robly have integrations?

Robly has its own Shopify integration to sync your Shopify contacts with your Robly account. Robly also works with to provide more than 1,000 integrations with many other software platforms. Once you’ve created an account with Zapier, you can find options for integrations under My Account > Integrations.

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Why Doesn’t My CSS Work in the Campaign I’m Sending?

Make sure your CSS is inline rather than in HEAD or BODY tags. Browser-based email applications (Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail) strip CSS out of HEAD and BODY tags by default, so unlike web browsers, many email clients won’t properly render CSS inside HEAD and BODY tags. [note title=”Note”]Since BODY tags are stripped,

Why Aren’t My Subscribers Receiving My Campaign?

Most of the time, subscribers aren’t receiving campaigns because they’re stuck in SPAM filters. Here are a couple of things you can ask your subscribers to do: Ask subscribers to add your reply-to email address to their contact list. If they’ve already added the reply-to email address to their contact