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Why Aren’t My Subscribers Receiving My Campaign?

Most of the time, subscribers aren’t receiving campaigns because they’re stuck in SPAM filters. Here are a couple of things you can ask your subscribers to do:

  1. Ask subscribers to add your reply-to email address to their contact list.
  2. If they’ve already added the reply-to email address to their contact list, ask them to check their SPAM filter settings to make sure that you’re not being blocked.
  3. Ask your subscribers to check any junk or spam folders as well as their Promotions tab if they’re using Gmail – the email could be in any one of these places! If the email is in their Spam folder, ask them to mark it as Not Spam.
  4. There could be a company firewall that is preventing the email from being delivered. Have them check with their IT department.
  5. They could be using Anti-Virus or spam scanning software that is quarantining the message. Have them check this program/software.
  6. They simply didn’t see it. Ask them to run a search for your subject line in their inbox!

Other Things That Could Be Happening

  • If subscribers use a webmail provider like AOL, Hotmail, or Yahoo, these providers deliver mail in small batches, and mail can take up to 24 hours to deliver.
  • There’s also a chance that you’ve clicked the Send Now button on your campaign, but the campaign has not actually been delivered yet.

To see if your campaign has been sent, click the Campaign tab, and look for “Sent” under the Status column.

Here you can see the status of each campaign. If it says “Sent,” the campaign has been sent. If it says “Sending,” the campaign is in a queue to be sent. Check back periodically — if you have an extraordinarily large list, it may take several hours to send a campaign. To avoid this, we recommend that high volume senders schedule delivery rather than selecting Send Now. This means that a campaign will be first in the queue when the send time arrives, rather than in line and waiting, which is what happens with Send Now.