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What is Double-Opt-In and Why Should I Care?

Double-opt-in is when a subscriber is required to give you an email address, and then must also respond to an email that confirms a second time that they do indeed want to be added to your list.

Robly requires the double-opt-in method for growing your list. Our sign-up widgets are set up to work this way by default, and there is no way to disable this feature.

Here’s the automatic flow that a user will experience when using Robly’s sign-up forms.

  • Sign-Up: User fills out and submits requested information.
  • Browser Thank You: A page pops up in the user’s browser with a message to check the email account and click a link to complete the subscription process.
  • Email: User clicks the email link to verify the address.
  • Browser Confirmation: A new page opens and confirms that the user has been added to your list.
  • Welcome Email: User receives email that confirms subscription success.

Advantages of Double-Opt-In

  • Engaged Users: By using double opt-in, you gain a curated list of subscribers who really want to hear from you, which leads to higher engagement and better list health (which, among other things, will result in better delivery) down the line.
  • No Fat Fingers: Neither human nor robot can mistype an email address and successfully get be added to your list. This helps your bounce statistics and list health.
  • Only Permissioned Subscribers: People can’t sign other people up for your list, which ultimately (and consistently) leads to abuse complaints.
  • No Fraudulent Accounts: No fake email addresses can be added to your list.