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Why is my first campaign taking so long to send?

At Robly, we stage (or throttle) email campaigns. If we didn’t do this, ISP’s would get very mad at us and block all our IP’s. Why is my first email taking so long to send? To protect ourselves from SPAMMERS who could ruin the reputation of our IP’s for everyone

How do I delete or clear a list?

Click Audience > Lists > View Lists from the left-hand navigation. Hover over Options for any list, and choose Clear or Delete. If you pick Clear You will be clearing contacts out of that list ONLY. Contacts in any other existing lists will stay there. This cannot be undone. If you pick Delete You have

Will Robly add duplicate email addresses?

Nope! Our system will automatically ignore duplicate email addresses. If you add or import the same email address twice, we will only keep one instance of the email address in the system. However, if you’ve updated details about that contact (name, contact info, etc) and re-import it, that information will

How is Robly different from MailChimp?

Here’s a breakdown! OpenGen Tool to Increase Open RateX FEATURES ROBLY MAILCHIMP Drag-and-Drop Editor X X Reporting Data X X Personalization & Segmenting Tools X X Live Chat Support X X 24/7 Phone Support X “You Do Nothing” Account Migration X Customer Review Management Tools X Professionally Designed, Mobile-Friendly Templates

How do I copy a campaign?

**YOU CANNOT DUPLICATE OPENGEN CAMPAIGNS. YOU MUST DUPLICATE THE ORIGINAL!** 1) Click Email > Campaigns in the left-hand navigation. 2) Click the three dots to the right of the campaign you want to copy. Click either Copy or Copy As. 3) If you click Copy, you will see a pop-up box. Name the campaign, and

Can I edit a scheduled campaign?

Yes. You can edit a campaign that you have scheduled to send if it has not sent yet, but you CANNOT edit a campaign that is in the process of sending or has already sent. To do this, click EDIT under the name of the campaign under Campaigns.

How is Robly different from iContact?

Robly is a self-serve email marketing platform. We provide a rock-solid, easy-to-use website to send beautiful email newsletters. For half the price.  If you don’t need all the bells and whistles that come along with other email marketing providers like iContact, then keep reading! We make sure the emails get

Where can I leave feedback or ideas?

You can always email us at support[at] with any and all suggestions, feedback, or ideas. You can also submit them by going to, then clicking on the email icon:       Then, click on Give Feedback:    

How Do I Create a Table of Contents Using Anchor Links?

**Please note anchor links only work in our original editor. If what you see these screen shots does not match what you see in your drag and drop screen, then you are NOT using the original editor** Please note that anchor links do not work in all email providers – as such,