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Email Marketing 101

How do I schedule a campaign?

Scheduling a campaign for a future day or time is easy, and you can do that in the Campaign Builder. 1. Click Email > Campaigns in the left-hand navigation. Then, click the name of the campaign you want to schedule. 2. Click Choose Sending Options next to Sending Options. 3. Choose Yes next to Schedule Campaign. Then, select a

How do I import multiple contacts?

1. To add multiple subscribers, go to Audience > Manage Contacts > Import Contacts > Add Multiple Subscribers: 2. Type in or copy/paste one email address per line. The first line must contain column names. Separate any additional information, like first and last names, with commas or tabs. Then, click Next Step. 3.

All About Archives

Archiving your campaigns in Robly is simple. You’ll find a link to your archived campaigns by clicking on Emails > View Archives: Clicking this link will open a new window to your Archive Page, which gets indexed by Google: How Do I Remove An Archive Listing? To remove a campaign

How do I search for a contact?

To search your database go to Contacts and then find the search bar on the right hand side. The main Search Emails field will only search for email addresses – to run a more specific search for First or Last Name, or any other field, click Advanced Search:  

How do I send to multiple lists?

Once you have created a new list and added contacts to that list, simply design your campaign and add your recipients. Go to Email > Campaigns and either Create a New Campaign or edit a draft verison. Next to Recipients, click Edit Recipients. If you only want the campaign to go out to specific lists,

How do I copy a campaign?

**YOU CANNOT DUPLICATE OPENGEN CAMPAIGNS. YOU MUST DUPLICATE THE ORIGINAL!** 1) Click Email > Campaigns in the left-hand navigation. 2) Click the three dots to the right of the campaign you want to copy. Click either Copy or Copy As. 3) If you click Copy, you will see a pop-up box. Name the campaign, and

How do I create a new list?

1. Click Audience > Lists in the left-hand navigation and then click Create New List. 2. Name the list, and choose whether or not you want it to appear on your sign-up form (toggle to Yes or No). Click Create. 3. You can also Create a New List during a

Will Robly automatically clean bounces off my list?

If your list’s total bounce rate is under our thresholds for bounces, we will automatically clean hard bounces off your list. If your list exceeds our threshold for hard bounces, you will receive an email notification after importing your list that you will need to clean your list using Neverbounce

Can I change the email address of a contact on my list?

Yes. First find the contact by using the search field: Once you find the contact, click the Name or Email address to load the contact’s profile. Then, click on the smaller version of the email address that you see. Type in the new email address, then click Save: