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How do I add contacts to a list?

There are three ways to add contacts to a list in Robly. Import Contacts 1. From Audience > Manage Contacts > Import Contacts, choose any import option: Import from Mailchimp, Upload File, or Add Multiple Subscribers. 2. Click Add contact to lists. Then, type/choose the list(s) you want to add the

All About Autoresponders

What are Autoresponders? Autoresponders let you create and send campaigns to new subscribers automatically. You can create one or a series of welcome or promotional emails and control when the new subscriber receives them. For example, you could build a welcome email that is triggered to send to a new

How do I delete contacts in bulk?

To quickly and easily delete multiple contacts, you can import them as a Delete List. Go To Audience > Manage Contacts > Import Contacts. Click Remove Contacts > Delete Contacts. Pick the via Cut & Paste or via CSV option depending on which you prefer: This will mark any contact on the list