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What is the difference between a Deleted, Unsubscribed, Hard Bounced, or Do Not Email contact?

All of the contact types listed here can be viewed by clicking on the Non-Subscribed list from Contacts > Lists > View Lists:

There are two ways to remove a contact in Robly: Delete and Unsubscribe. Here’s the difference between the two:


In Robly a contact that is in your Unsubscribed folder/section can have one of several statuses: Deleted, Unsubscribed, Do Not Email, Spam, or Hard Bounce. Deleting a contact means that you are moving the contact into your Unsubscribed folder, with a status of Deleted, so that they will not receive email from you until you choose to re-add them as a subscribed contact. To re-add a Deleted contact, simply reimport them into your Robly database; the status will then change to Subscribed.


Unsubscribing a contact means the contact is removed from your list permanently. Even if you reimport that email address down the road, the status will remain as Unsubscribed. The only way to change an Unsubscribed contact to Subscribed is for that person to re-opt into your newsletter using your sign up form.

Do Not Email

Do Not Email is the same as Unsubscribed – the difference is that Do Not Email is either 1) part of a list that was imported in bulk as Do Not Email – this generally applies to your Unsubscribes or hard bounces from another system – or 2) someone who has clicked to Subscribe to your list but has not yet clicked the Opt-In Confirmation email to confirm their subscription. Once they click to confirm, they become Subscribed.


Spam means this contact marked your email as spam and was automatically removed from your list. Click here for instructions on how to re-add someone who marked you as spam.

Hard Bounce

The email address hard bounced for being invalid or permanently unavailable and was automatically removed from your list.