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Why does one of my images look broken in Gmail?

This is a really annoying side-effect of the change in image methodology that recently occurred at Gmail. Try refreshing your browser OR exiting the email back to your inbox and going back to view the email. This has fixed the problem every time we’ve come across it. If it didn’t fix

Why Are My Contacts Getting Skipped When I Try To Import?

When importing contacts, Robly will skip contacts for a few reasons: Duplicate Email Addresses. Robly will update existing contact information by default each time you import a list, but will not import a duplicate email address twice. Known Invalid Email Addresses. We have a system that detects known invalid email addresses,

Why Doesn’t My CSS Work in the Campaign I’m Sending?

Make sure your CSS is inline rather than in HEAD or BODY tags. Browser-based email applications (Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail) strip CSS out of HEAD and BODY tags by default, so unlike web browsers, many email clients won’t properly render CSS inside HEAD and BODY tags. [note title=”Note”]Since BODY tags are stripped,

Why Aren’t My Subscribers Receiving My Campaign?

Most of the time, subscribers aren’t receiving campaigns because they’re stuck in SPAM filters. Here are a couple of things you can ask your subscribers to do: Ask subscribers to add your reply-to email address to their contact list. If they’ve already added the reply-to email address to their contact