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How Does Google Analytics Tracking Work?

What is Google Analytics Tracking? Google Analytics Tracking is a way to track clicks and page views to your site and associate them to a Robly campaign using your own Google Analytics account. While Google Analytics tracks all incoming sources of web traffic (search engine, pay-per-click, Twitter, etc.), this feature lets

Why can’t I delete a module?

If you’re having trouble deleting modules, it’s most likely because you’re using Chrome and have chosen to block pop-ups. When you delete a module, we load a pop-up that asks you if you’re sure you want to delete, so as to prevent potential boo-boos, aka, unwanted deletions. Clear your Chrome

How do I unschedule a campaign?

To unschedule a campaign, click Send under the campaign name, which is a shortcut to the Campaign Builder page: Scroll down to the bottom and click unsubscribe now. You can also click Edit Sending Options next to Sending Options and then select No next to Schedule Campaign. Click Save Options at the bottom.

Why aren’t my images showing up when I receive an email?

There are several reasons this could happen. 1. Your images are set to be blocked. Outlook and other email service providers can and do block images from unfamiliar senders. They can also incorrectly route them to SPAM folders. Try whitelisting us – here’s a handy how-to for many popular email

Why can’t I upload a high res image?

Because a really high resolution image won’t render in many email clients as well as on some smartphones. It takes longer to load an email with large images and requires more bandwidth and data – you’re better off sizing your images down to 600 pixels wide or less – and

Why is my first campaign taking so long to send?

At Robly, we stage (or throttle) email campaigns. If we didn’t do this, ISP’s would get very mad at us and block all our IP’s. Why is my first email taking so long to send? To protect ourselves from SPAMMERS who could ruin the reputation of our IP’s for everyone

I had an import error. What do I do?

If you are importing a .CSV file, the first thing you should do is to make sure your list is formatted correctly. Make sure all your header rows are labeled. If you get an error similar to: Undefined method `match’ for 58103:Fixnum Illegal quoting in Line 1 Email was not