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Why Are My Contacts Getting Skipped When I Try To Import?

When importing contacts, Robly will skip contacts for a few reasons:

  1. Duplicate Email Addresses. Robly will update existing contact information by default each time you import a list, but will not import a duplicate email address twice.
  2. Known Invalid Email Addresses. We have a system that detects known invalid email addresses, those will be skipped.
  3. Opt outs and Do Not Mail. Contacts who have unsubscribed or been marked Do Not Mail will also be skipped.
  4. Removed via RoblyEngage. Contacts that were cleaned from your list using RoblyEngage and marked unsubscribed will be skipped if reimported.
  5. Hard bounces. Email addresses that have previously hard bounced will be skipped.

We email you any time you import contacts and the import finishes. The subject line of this email is “Robly Import Contacts Finished,” and it will list any email addresses that were skipped because they were duplicates or known invalid email addresses. At this time, this email will not list the unsubscribed contacts contained in the import.