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Drag & Drop Editor

How do I add a button to my email campaign?

To add a button into your campaign, drag a Button module over from the Content Modules menu on the right-hand side: Click into the button directly to edit the text that appears inside of it. To add a link and edit other properties of the button, use the Content Properties on

How do I resize an image?

Resize an Image 1. Click on the image 2. Find the Auto-Width toggle on the right hand side and toggle it off:   3. Use the slider to change the image size: 4. Check the Full width on mobile option if you want the image to be responsive in a

How do I add a First Name to My Campaign?

Check out our post on Merge Tags! 🙂 The tag to use for First Name looks like this*: ‑‑FNAME‑‑ *Do NOT copy/paste the merge tag from this page – it will not work because the display characters are different and will not work in our editor! You can find a drop

How do I create and send a campaign?

Creating a campaign is easy with Robly’s campaign builder. You have the flexibility to select what type of campaign you want to send out, choose who you ‘re going to send it to, and pick either a pre-designed template, an empty layout, or upload your own template to edit content

How do I add an image as a background?

If you are using our original editor, unfortunately this feature is not available. It’s free to upgrade to the new editor though, just email us at support[at]! You can add images as a background to each structure module in your campaign. The structure of any given section of your email

Can I upload my own font?

No, unfortunately you cannot upload your own font to use in a campaign. The reason this isn’t an option is that not all fonts are rendered universally. So, for example, if you upload your favorite font for your newsletter, but none of your recipients actually have that font installed on their

How do I send a test email?

There are 2 ways to send a test email in Robly. 1. The first way is to click the Send Test button in the Drag and Drop editor, which is under Options. This option is great if you want to send a test email to yourself and/or several colleagues – you can include a customizable

How do I change padding?

You can change padding for any content module to either add or reduce additional space around them. Here’s how. First, click on/in the module whose padding you want to change. Then, find the Block options section under Content on the right hand side. The default is set to change the padding on

How Do I Add a PDF to My Campaign?

**Currently, you can only insert a PDF as a link within your text, not as an image. If you have a PDF you want to insert as an image, you will need to convert it to a JPG or PNG first** You can link to a PDF from a text link, button,