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How to Caption an Image – Video

If you are using our newest editor, unfortunately this feature is not available.  *Please note that you cannot currently caption an image within a text module*

Why can’t I delete a module?

If you’re having trouble deleting modules, it’s most likely because you’re using Chrome and have chosen to block pop-ups. When you delete a module, we load a pop-up that asks you if you’re sure you want to delete, so as to prevent potential boo-boos, aka, unwanted deletions. Clear your Chrome

How do I add a caption to an image?

If you are using our newest editor, unfortunately this feature is not available. **Please note that captions only work for standalone images – not images inside text modules – at this time.** Click on the image. Use the Caption option at the top of the screen to insert a caption

Add an Image to a Text Module – Video

**Please note this is only an option in our original editor. If what you see in this video does not match what you see in your drag and drop screen, then you are NOT using the original editor**