How do I navigate the website redesign?

We’ve just launched the first phase of our website redesign! This post will walk you through the changes you’ll find with this new design. The first phase with the redesign includes a change from the navigation options being at the top of the website to having the navigation options on the left-hand side. You’ll now […]

How do I use Robly’s Shopify integration?

Robly’s Shopify integration allows you to set up an automatic sync of your Shopify contacts into your Robly account. To get started, first you’ll need to connect your Shopify store to Robly. Sync Your Shopify Store Go to My Account > Integrations and click Connect Now under Shopify Integrations. From here, type in your store’s […]

Robly Branding: How to set up custom DKIM and SPF

Robly Branding lets you send using your own domain instead of Robly’s. What does that mean? For example, let’s say a company called Narwhal Party is using Robly to send out marketing emails (P.S. this domain is still available, someone buy it quick!). Without Branding, all links contained in their email will look something like […]

How do I add images side-by-side (using columns)?

To add columns or images/text side by side, first click on the Rows tab in the Drop Module menu: Second, drag in any of the various column modules. Next, click back to the Content tab in the Drop Module menu. And finally, drag content modules, such as images or text, into each section or column: If you’re using our […]

How do I add an animated video block/GIF to my email?

Not to be confused with the standard video block, this option lets you insert a link to a video that also automatically generates a GIF of the video into your email. Please note you can only use this feature with YouTube videos. **There is a max of 20 saved Animated Image blocks** Please note that […]

How can I create and save custom content like headers and footers?

To create custom content like headers, footers, or body sections that you can re-use in any campaign, start by building that content in your template. When preparing a section of content that you want to save for future re-use, keep in mind that you can only save what is contained inside a single structure. Structure […]

Fonts and Email

Ever wondered why a font in your email campaign looks different once it lands in your inbox? This is actually a common issue. But why? The answer is because HTML email has limitations. When it comes to fonts, some are universal. That is to say, they will render the same virtually anywhere you see them: […]

How can I prevent my email from getting clipped in Gmail?

Gmail “clips” or shortens an email if it’s over 102KB: Emails with more content like lots of text and images are more likely to get clipped. An email’s size is determined by how much code it contains – a single character or letter can be 1 or 2 bytes. The sum total of all the […]