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How do I navigate the website redesign?

We’ve just launched the first phase of our website redesign! This post will walk you through the changes you’ll find with this new design.

The first phase with the redesign includes a change from the navigation options being at the top of the website to having the navigation options on the left-hand side.

You’ll now find your Campaigns, Autoresponders, Campaign History, and Archives under Email. If you’ve connected your Robly account to Shopify, you’ll find that here, too. Click any section in the navigation to expand the options below them.

Contacts, Reports, Forms, and RoblyID are the same. You will find all of the same options for navigation in each of these sections.

The My Files section is where you will find all of your Images, PDFs, and Custom HTML Blocks.

Your personal My Account information is now on the lower left-hand side. If you click this section, you will see your Settings, Footers, Users, Notifications, Integrations, and Sign Out links.

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