How to Create Subject Lines using AI Generation

Creating an engaging subject line is the key to boosting open rates and improving the overall success of your email campaigns—but you’re not in it alone. Robly’s AI Generation feature will take the subject line you provide for the campaign and create five improved versions of it using our AI Assistant. You can use this […]

How to create a Happy Birthday or Anniversary email flow

You can create automated email flows based on different triggers, including specific dates. A great way to use this feature is by setting up a Happy Birthday or Happy Anniversary email flow to message subscribers on their special days. Here’s how to set that up! Create personalization field 1. If you don’t already have a […]

How to create a Welcome Email series

One of the most common types of automated messages is the Welcome Email. It’s a great way to thank subscribers for signing up for your newsletter and share a little more information on what they can expect from you. Here are the basics for creating a welcome email series: 1. From the left-hand navigation, click […]

Does Robly Use Two-Factor Authentication?

Yes. To keep our users and site secure, we will now require a two-factor authentication when logging in from a new location. What does this do? Two-factor authentication ensures that only you have access to your account by adding an additional layer of security when logging in. How it works When you log in from […]

How do I create a survey?

You can now create surveys to add to your campaigns. From your left-hand navigation, click Surveys. Then, click Add Survey. Inside of the survey editor, you can customize your design, questions, and settings: 1. Give your survey a name. 2. Click Change Logo to add your personal logo to the top of the survey. 3. […]

How to Create a Landing Page

You can now create Landing Pages and track the page views, unique visitors, conversions, and more! Here’s how to get started: From your Robly dashboard, click Landing Pages > New Landing Page +. 2. Choose which type of landing page you want: with signup form or no signup form. Then, click Create Landing Page. 3. […]

How to Select a List For Campaign Sending

Choose who you want your campaign to send to by using your Campaign Builder. You can find the builder under Email > Campaigns and then choosing a campaign draft or creating a new one. 1. Click Choose Recipients next to Recipients. 2. Choose which contact list(s) it will send to. To select one or more […]

How do I send a campaign to a single contact?

Whether you’re creating a new campaign or updating a draft, you can send a campaign to a single contact by following these steps: 1. From your Campaign Builder (Email > Campaigns), click Choose Recipients. 2. Click Send to Individual Contacts, and then search for the contact(s) you want to use. You can select up to […]

How do I cancel or suspend my account?

Suspend Details: Your emails, contacts, and data are preserved Pay $5/month until you’re ready to resume sending Maintain access to all sections of your account (Reports, Account details and billing, Dashboard, Contacts, Sign Up Tools, Image Library) except for Campaigns (this includes Autoresponders). This means you cannot send campaigns, see past sends, or use our […]

How to send a flyer or PDF as a campaign

You can create a campaign from a flyer or PDF you’ve created. You should have already converted your PDF into an image. Make sure your image is either a JPG, PNG, or GIF file. The file must also be under 12 MB. 1. Click Email > Campaigns from the left-hand navigation. Then, click New Campaign. […]