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How do I add an animated video block/GIF to my email?

Not to be confused with the standard video block, this option lets you insert a link to a video that also automatically generates a GIF of the video into your email. Please note you can only use this feature with YouTube videos.

**There is a max of 20 saved Animated Image blocks**

Please note that GIFs do NOT work in Outlook 2007 – 2016.

Create an Animated GIF

To get started, click on the Rows tab in the drag and drop editor:

Next, use the dropdown menu, and choose Create an Animated Block:

Then, paste the URL for your YouTube video (currently, this only works with YouTube videos) in the URL field. To get the preview to load you MUST click anywhere outside of the field after you paste in the link.

Video Block Name: Give your video block a unique, identifying name.

Pick a start time: Adjust the time that you want the GIF animation to begin.

Pick a duration: Control the length of your clip up to 8 seconds.

Note: You may save up to 20 animated blocks.

Then, click Generate Image.

After your GIF generates, click Continue:

How to Add/Insert an Animated GIF Block

If you’ve followed the steps above, you’ll see the Animated Blocks option automatically loaded and GIFs visible and available for you to drag into your campaign.

To insert previously saved Animated GIFs, click on the Rows tab of the campaign builder and select Animated Blocks from the dropdown menu:

Then, drag your saved GIF into your campaign!

How to Delete Custom Content 

**There is a max of 20 saved Animated Image blocks**

To delete saved animated blocks or custom content, go to My Files > Custom HTML Blocks. Then, click the trash can icon.

Content Browser > Custom HTML Blocks, then click the trash can icon: