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Am I billed for Unsubscribed contacts?

Nope! You are not charged for unsubscribed contacts. We use the Entire Contact list to determine how many active contacts you are billed for. We bill you for active contacts stored or sent to, whichever is greater.

Yearly Contract Buyout – How It Works

Robly will buy you out of your yearly contract at another provider. We will give you Robly FREE for the amount of TIME (not money) that you have left in your yearly contract. Example 1 – 11 months left – $15/mo Robly plan: You have 11 months left in your yearly

How much does Robly cost?

Click here to see our pricing. Robly only accepts credit cards, and either bills monthly or yearly, depending on your subscription type. We give a 15% discount for paying a year up front, and a 15% discount for non-profits.