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How to Create Subject Lines using AI Generation

Creating an engaging subject line is the key to boosting open rates and improving the overall success of your email campaigns—but you’re not in it alone.

Robly’s AI Generation feature will take the subject line you provide for the campaign and create five improved versions of it using our AI Assistant. You can use this feature twice per campaign, helping you find the best one for your audience.

Generate subject lines

1. Go to Email > Campaigns, and click either an existing campaign draft or New Campaign.

2. Next to Content, click Set.

3. Type your subject line in the box. Then, click Submit to AI to receive five improved versions of that subject line. Remember: You can use this feature twice per campaign.

4. The AI-Enhanced subject line generator will show you a list of five subject lines to scroll through that you can choose from. Below each option is an explanation of why that subject line would be a good choice. If you find one you like, click the number next to it and then click Replace Subject.

5. The AI-generated subject line will then appear in your campaign’s Content section. Click Edit if there’s anything you want to change with the subject line or preview text.

6. Once you’ve set up the rest of your email campaign, schedule it to send in the future or choose to send it now.

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