How Do I Create a Campaign?

Updated on: October 12, 2016 Category: Basics, Campaign Building, Drag & Drop Editor, FAQ, Getting Started, Video Training

Creating a campaign is easy with Robly’s campaign builder. You have the flexibility to select what type of campaign you want to send out, choose who you ‘re going to send it to, pick either a pre-designed template, an empty layout, or upload your own template to edit content in our one-of-a-kind Drag-and-Drop Editor.

We tell you all about it in this post.

Create a Campaign

1. From the E-mail dashboard, click the Create Campaign button.

2. First, name your Campaign by typing it in to the Campaign Name field, then choose whether you want to start from a pre-designed template, an empty layout, or upload an HTML template from somewhere else. The easiest way to start is to choose a pre-designed template, then add your own content within our Drag-and-Drop editor.


3. DESIGN. Edit your content in our Drag-and-Drop Editor and don’t forget to save your work! You can always opt to click the Enable Auto-Save feature, too. You can also send yourself Test Emails from this page so you can see how the email looks in your inbox! Just click the Send Test button.

Drag and Drop Editor

4. LISTS. When you’ve finished designing, click Next Step. Then choose the list(s) you want to send to, including any segments you may want to apply to the list. Click Next Step when you’re finished.

Choose which list to send to on the 2nd step.

5. SETTINGS. Give your campaign a name if you haven’t already (only you will see the Campaign Name), add the Subject Line and From Name, and set your From and Reply-to email addresses. Also choose whether or not to Archive your campaign.

Note: Make sure you don’t put an email address in the “From Name:” field because SPAM filters are more likely to snag your campaign. Type in a business name or your real name.

Campaign Settings is the third step of the campaign builder.

6. ADVANCED. Enable OpenGen and Robly AI if you choose, and set your Inbox Preview text. If you choose to work with Google Analytics, you can set that up here as well. Click Next Step.


7. SOCIAL. Make sure everything is set up correctly for the send and hit Next Step. This is where you will set up to Auto-push your campaigns to social media.

Auto push to social media on the fifth step of the campaign builder.

7. TEST & SEND. This is the last step! If anything is missing, we will automatically let you know on this page. You can Send Now or Schedule the delivery for a later time, send a test email to yourself, or return to Edit the email.

Test and Send

Congratulations! You just sent your first campaign using Robly!


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