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How do I re-add a Deleted contact?

Any contact with a status of “Deleted” can be re-added as Subscribed by you.

There are two ways to do this.

  1. One at a time. To re-add one or a few contacts who are deleted, click Contacts > Contacts > View Contacts. Then, use the search bar to type in the email address (use Advanced Search if you want to search by First and/or Last Name or any other field):
  2. Click on the resulting email address OR name:
  3. Click on the gear icon next to the email address and then Resubscribe:
  4. Reimport in bulk. To re-add deleted contacts in bulk, simply reimport the email addresses using the Import a CSV File option under Contacts > Contacts > Import Contacts. Click here for a tutorial on how to import a CSV file.

Please note that if the person you are trying to re-add has a status of Hard Bounced, Spam, Unsubscribed, or Do Not Email that this process will not work. The following links will show you how to re-add those kinds of contacts: