What are Merge Tags and How Do I Use Them?

Updated on: January 31, 2018 Category: Basics, Campaign Building, Contacts, Drag & Drop Editor, FAQ, Getting Started

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What is a Merge Tag?

Merge Tags (also known as Personalization or Data Tags) allow you to customize your email campaigns to keep your customers more engaged. These tags are automatically created when you add fields to the Fields and Tags page, or to your Sign Up Form.

Adding a Merge tag into a Robly email allows you to include a customer’s first name, company name, or any other collected data in order to connect to your audience and set your campaign apart.

Robly also gives you the option to set a Default Value for the Merge Tag if you don’t have that particular piece of data for any given subscriber.

How to Create Merge Tags

1. Click Contacts > Fields and Tags

2. Work from your existing list of Field Labels OR click the data type of the field you would like to add from the “Add Additional Fields” section at the bottom of the page.

3. Name the field, choose whether you would like the field to be a required field and appear on your Sign Up Form, and then, if you like, you can change the custom Merge Tag name for any field by clicking Edit on the far right hand side.


The Fields and Tags page communicates with the Sign Up Forms page, and they will always update each other. You can ALSO perform all of the functionality of the Fields and Tags page on the Sign Up From page.


Merge tags can have a Default Value, which is what will insert if that particular data field is empty for a subscriber. For example, the Default Value we automatically give for First Name is “Valued Customer,” which you can change to anything you like by clicking Edit. 

4. If you want to add a Merge Tag to a subject line, you’ll need to know the syntax of our tags (see the full list below)*.

It’s  ‑‑DATA01‑‑

So: dash, dash [whatever the tag is], dash, dash.

For example, with the tag FNAME:

“‑‑FNAME‑‑, Your Day Just Got Way Better Now That You Finished That Personalization Tag Post!”

*Do NOT copy/paste merge tags from this page to use in your email campaign. The characters displayed here are not the same and won’t render correctly – use the Merge Tag dropdown menu in the text editor or manually type two dashes on either side of your merge tag!

Merge Tags for buttons are at the bottom of this table!


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