How Do I Use Sign Up Tools?

Updated on: December 1, 2015 Category: FAQ, Getting Started, Sign Up Tools

Robly’s Sign-Up Tools section allows personalization of every single interaction between you and your subscribers throughout the entire opt-in and opt-out process.

Don’t worry — this doesn’t require any work on your part if you don’t want it to. We do everything for you, unless you want to roll up your sleeves and get dirty.

Our sign-up forms, confirmation emails, and subscriber profiles can also be customized to match your brands’ look and feel.

For Your Website: Locating Your Sign-Up Forms

You can locate both a link or code to embed your sign-up form on your website in seconds.

For a link to a full, Robly-hosted Sign Up Form on its own webpage:

  1. Click Sign Up Tools.
  2. Copy the link at the bottom left of the page. Because it’s a full URL, your best bet is to link it using a button, graphic, etc.

 Find your Sign Up Form

To get an embed code to add a form to your website:

  1. Click Embedded HTML.
  2. Customize then click the green Generate Code button:

    Create an HTML form for your website

Super Slim Form: Basic form, only picks up email address; you can change the form’s title and width.

Classic Form: An expandable super slim form; allows you to include more fields than just email, and chooses predefined styles. For additional flexibility, try the full sign-up form that we host, or use the naked form and customize it from scratch. Or, use this form and override the styles.

Naked Form: Just HTML, no CSS; you can add or delete fields, generate the code, and style the form for your site yourself.

Customizing Your Sign-Up Forms

1. Click Sign Up Tools on the top NAV panel.

2. The default selection is the Signup Form on the drop down at the top of the page. If you click the drop down, you can see all of the different forms that can be customized.

Edit Sign Up Forms

3. The Signup Form for a new list loads with three default fields: email address, first name, and last name.

To add extra fields to your form, simply click the field that you want, and it will appear. You can then drag the order of the field to change its order.

Customize Sign Up Forms


4. Next, you can set up Merge Tags for easy use in your campaigns.

The tag can literally be anything. Robly  provides you with defaults, but you may want to change them to something that is relevant. For example: First Name = –FNAME–.

For more on Merge Tags, click here.


The Default Value is what will show up  if you specify a personalization tag in a campaign but don’t actually have the data for that particular member. In the example above, if we were missing one subscriber’s first name, the “Dear –FNAME–,” tag in the editor would land in her inbox with the tag “Dear Valued Customer.”


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