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How Do I Use Sign Up Tools to Customize My Signup Form?

Robly’s signup tools section allows personalization of every single interaction between you and your subscribers throughout the entire opt-in and opt-out process.

Customize Your Sign-Up Forms

1. Click Forms > Web Forms/Emails.

The dropdown menu in the middle of the page contains all the sign up forms that you can edit. The default selection is your main signup page. If you click the drop down, you will see all of the different forms that can be customized.

2. Click Save Changes any time you edit your form. You can also use the Apply to All button to apply your changes to all the forms.

1. Add Fields

The Signup Form for a new list loads with three default fields: email address, first name, and last name.

To add extra fields to your form, use the Top 2 sections on the left to either add a new field or add a field that’s already in your database: click the field to add it. You can then drag the order of the field to change its order.

2. Remove Fields

To remove a field, click on it, then click Remove Field from Form under Field Settings.

3. Add a Logo

To add a logo, click the Header Logo section on the left and then Choose File. We recommend uploading images no wider than 300px.

4. Change Opt-In Settings: Captcha or Double Opt In

The default setting for your signup form is double opt-in, and we recommend it as it prevents anyone from spamming/hacking your form. You can switch it to the Captcha option for single opt-in under the Opt-In Settings menu on the left if you like.

5. Share the Form

Use the Share the form section on the left and click the Get Link button. This automatically copies the permanent Robly URL where your signup form lives online. Once you click Get Link, you can paste the URL using Ctrl+C or your mouse’s paste shortcut.

For Your Website: Locating Your Sign-Up Forms

You can locate both a link or code to embed your sign-up form on your website in seconds.

For the permanent link to a full, Robly-hosted Sign Up Form on its own webpage:

  1. Click Forms > Web Forms/Emails > Share the form.
  2. Click the Get Link button at the bottom left of the page.  This will automatically copy the link to your browser. Once you click that button, you can then paste the URL wherever you like. Because it’s a full URL, your best bet is to use a button or graphic to link it to.

To get an embed code to add a form to your website:

  1. Once you have customized your form as outlined above, click Forms > Embedded HTML.
  2. Select a Super Slim, Classic, or Naked Form (descriptions below).
  3. Customize it and then click the Generate Code button and then Copy code.

Super Slim Form: Basic form, only picks up email address; you can change the form’s title and width.

Classic Form: An expandable super slim form; allows you to include more fields than just email, and chooses predefined styles. For additional flexibility, try the full sign-up form that we host, or use the naked form and customize it from scratch. Or, use this form and override the styles.

Naked Form: Just HTML, no CSS; you can add or delete fields, generate the code, and style the form for your site yourself.