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How do I reconnect my Facebook account for automatic sharing?

If you’ve already connected to Facebook via Robly for automatic campaign sharing, disconnecting and reconnecting to Facebook can be necessary if:

  1. You’ve changed your Facebook password
  2. Facebook makes changes that impact the functionality of sharing email newsletters
  3. You’ve added a new page to your Facebook account that you need to push to

If you need to reset your connection to your Facebook page in Robly, here’s what you should do:

1. To reset your Facebook connection, first open Facebook and log out.

2. Now, go to Email > Campaigns. You will need to find any Draft version of a campaign. Campaign type is shown in the third column on the Campaigns page, Status. If you do not have a Draft, create a new campaign so that you have one. Click the Campaign Name under the Name column:

3. Scroll down, and click Choose Sending Options.

4. Click Disconnect from Facebook.

5. Click Connect to Facebook and go back through the setup process.