How do I add images and text to a campaign?

Updated on: October 12, 2015 Category: Basics, Campaign Building, Drag & Drop Editor, Getting Started, Images

Okay, so you’ve chosen a template (or to build from scratch). Now what?

If you want to add modules from the Drop Module menu, select what you want and drag it into the canvas. Look for the orange drop zones: any area that turns blue is where you can drop the module. Don’t see blue? It won’t add anything to the canvas. The orange birds you see are showing you other locations where you can drop the module.

Add an Image

You can edit text by first clicking into the text module:

Editing Text Modules


You can edit images in a similar manner:

Edit Images


Want to add columns or images/text next to one another? No problem. Choose a 2, 3, or 4 column module (OR 1/3 + 2/3, 2/3 + 1/3 column modules). THEN you must drag a text, image, header image, or button module into each space:

Add Layout Modules


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