How do I change the background color of a campaign?

Updated on: August 3, 2017 Category: Campaign Building, Drag & Drop Editor

To change the background color in your email, click on the BODY tab on the right hand side. From here, you can adjust the global background and content background colors:

To change the background colors of individual rows, sections, or modules, click the background section of that row and use the Structure menu on the right:

Row background color: will change the row background for that row only.

Content background color: will change the color for anything inside the module itself, not including the row’s background.

Column background: will override Content background color.

If you’re using our original editor, follow these instructions:

You can change both the BACKGROUND and BODY colors.

Background color is the background color that appears like a border around your email.

Body color is the background color of everything else in your campaign: text and image modules, etc.

Background and Body Colors



Here is what happens when you change the Background Color – now it’s red:

Change Background Color


and here’s what happens if you change the Body color:

Change Body Color



You can also click into individual modules to change their background colors independently:

Change One Module Background Color


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