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How do I change the background color of a campaign?

To change the background color in your email, click on the Settings tab on the right hand side. From here, you can adjust the global background and content background colors:

To change the background colors of individual rows, sections, or modules, click on the background (ie, margin) area of that row and use the middle Rows menu:

Row background color: will change the row background for that row only.

Content background color: will change the color for anything inside the module itself, not including the row’s background.

Column background: will override Content background color.

If you’re using our original editor, follow these instructions:

You can change both the BACKGROUND and BODY colors.

Background color is the background color that appears like a border around your email.

Body color is the background color of everything else in your campaign: text and image modules, etc.

Background and Body Colors

Here is what happens when you change the Background Color – now it’s red:

Change Background Color

and here’s what happens if you change the Body color:

Change Body Color

You can also click into individual modules to change their background colors independently:

Change One Module Background Color