My campaign didn’t push to Facebook. What do I do?

Updated on: November 2, 2017 Category: Social Media, Troubleshooting

If you campaign doesn’t push to Facebook (your post should show up on Facebook right after you hit the Send Now button on your campaign – so within 2 minutes), here’s what you should do:

To share your campaign manually right away without going through an additional campaign send, click here.

  1. In order to reset your Facebook connection, first open Facebook and log out.
  2. Now, go to Campaigns. You will need to find any DRAFT version of a campaign. Campaign type is shown in the third column on the Campaigns page, Status. If you do not have a Draft, create a new campaign so that you have one. Click EDIT under the Campaign Name:

  3. Click Next Step until you get to the 5th step, Social and click Disconnect from Facebook:

  4. Click Connect to Facebook and go back through the setup process:

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