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How do I manually share my campaign on social media?


1. Go to Email > Campaigns. Click the three dots to the right of the campaign you want to share. Click View.

2. Copy/paste that URL into your Facebook page, Twitter feed, etc. If you are pasting into Facebook, go to your Facebook page, click Create Post so it opens the “Write something” box.

3. Paste your URL into this field. Facebook will automatically generate a preview that loads any available images that you can include in the post. Use high-resolution images in your campaigns if you want lots of image options to pull here! Available images will automatically show at the bottom. You can choose one from here, or click the photo icon to upload your own images from your computer to add to the post:

4. Once the preview is generated, you can remove the link in the text field and replace it with your own message:

5. Click Post, and you’re done!