How do I send to multiple lists?

Updated on: April 8, 2016 Category: Basics, Campaign Building, List Selection, Sending

Once you have created a new list and added contacts to that list, you simply design your campaign, and on step 2 of the campaign builder, select which list(s) you’d like to send to by unchecking or checking the boxes next to each list name. You can also choose the Select All option to send to all of your sublists.

**Please note that if you send to multiple lists, and you have contacts that are in some or all of those lists, they will only receive one copy of your email**:

Send to Lists

To send to EVERYONE in your contact list, regardless of whether or not they are in a sublist or not, choose Entire List. This is your default list in Robly, where all imported contacts go by default.

Entire List

To send a campaign to yourself only, choose the Send to Yourself Only option:

Send to Self Only

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