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What Do I Need To Know About Deliverability?

Maintaining a squeaky-clean reputation with ISPs is critical for us here at Robly in order to ensure that campaigns get to inboxes at the highest rate possible.

What does that entail?

First off, we have to make sure abusive senders don’t ruin our reputation. We do this two ways:

  1. We have automated and human screening processes that flag potentially abusive senders before they send, based upon extensive experience with behaviors that have caused problems in the past.
  2. We monitor our own IP addresses regularly.

What else to we do to ensure that your campaigns get into inboxes?

  • Authentication: Many ISPs filter incoming mail based on authentication, so Robly automatically authenticates your email. We support all of the major authentication standards: DKIM, SenderID, Domain Keys, and SPF.
  • Feedback Loops: Robly has feedback loops with all of the major ISPs, so whenever any recipients report your campaign as SPAM, we are notified. We will promptly eliminate that subscriber from your list in order to eliminate the possibility of SPAM reports happening in the future.
  • Whitelisting: Robly is also whitelisted with ISPs that have not yet transitioned to feedback loops.
  • Dedicated IPs: If you are a high-volume sender, Robly can offer you a dedicated IP address with full authentication for sending from your own domain.

While it’s nearly impossible to calculate the exact percentage of campaigns that land in an inbox (unless you are a high-volume sender using a dedicated IP), rest assured that at Robly we’re trying harder than anyone to make sure your campaigns will be delivered successfully.