What is the Best Way to Get Started With Robly Email?

Updated on: October 12, 2016 Category: Basics, FAQ, Getting Started

Getting Started With Robly Email

Super Easy Email Builder – Part 1 from RoblyTV on Vimeo.

This guide tells you everything you need to know about getting set up with Robly Email.

If you’re switching form Constant Contact*, the easiest way to get your entire account set up is to add your contacts and create a campaign. If you need help with a template, let us know by shooting an email to support[at]robly.com.


All you need system-wise is a computer and an up-to-date internet browser. There’s nothing to download, and both Macs and PCs will work. Make sure your browser is up-to-date by clicking here. The odds are that if we haven’t already asked you to update, you’re fine.

This guide will show you how to:

  • Import Contacts (watch a video).
  • Create and Send a Campaign (watch a video).
  • Avoid SPAM Filters.
  • Analyze Campaigns Using Reports.

Step 1: Import Contacts

If you’re just kicking tires and seeing how Robly feels, you don’t need to import contacts … just create a campaign and send it to yourself. If you’re ready to really see what Robly can do, go ahead and import your contacts by clicking the Add Contacts button on the email dashboard.

Many of our users come from Constant Contact*. If you’re switching, click the Import Contacts from Constant Contact* button and follow instructions, or refer to this post.

Import From Constant Contact

If you’re copy-pasting from Excel, simply highlight the data in the given cells and paste into the box provided, then click Verify Fields. Click here to see a video.

If you’re uploading from a CSV file, select a file from your hard drive, and then click Verify Fields to match column names. Click here to see a video.


If you attempt to upload more contacts than are included with your current plan, your account will upgrade automatically.

Step 2: Create A Campaign

Once you’ve created a list and imported contacts, it’s time to create a campaign. From the Email dashboard, click Create a Campaign.

Create a Campaign

Since we’re just getting started, we’re going to opt for Easiest Choice, which will let you pick from our selection of easy-to-customize templates. You can also give your campaign a name here:

Easiest Choice

Once you’ve chosen your template, use the Drag and Drop editor to drag modules in and customize your campaign. You can also click Send Test button to send a test email straight to your inbox.

When you’re done designing, click Next Step and choose which list you want to send to, or choose Send to Yourself. Click Save & Continue to change your Campaign Settings, then click Save & Continue again to Test & Send your email!

Avoid SPAM Filters

Here is a list of words and phrases that SPAM Assassin, an extremely popular open-source SPAM filter (and the SPAM filter that Robly will run your campaign through), looks for, just so you have an idea of what NOT to do.

  • Avoid “Click Here” or “FREE!” in subject line.
  • ALL CAPS in subject line is BAD.
  • N o g a p p y t e x t.
  • Do not use the word “test” in the subject line.
  • Don’t mention any of the forbidden industries in our Terms of Service
  • Make sure your email isn’t an IMAGE ONLY.
  • Avoid using the colors red and green.
  • Don’t send a test email to multiple people at the same company. Firewalls will assume this is SPAM.
  • Don’t design an HTML email in Microsoft Word and try to use it in Robly. We guarantee it won’t work.


Once you’ve sent your campaign, you can click the Reports tab on the Email Dashboard to see how your campaign did. We’ll give you details on opens, bounces, links clicked, abuse complaints, and ROI, and we’ll tell you how your campaign did compared to your other campaigns over time.


*Constant Contact is a registered trademark of Constant Contact, Inc. All Constant Contact products and services mentioned here within belong to Constant Contact, Inc. We are in no way affiliated with Constant Contact.

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