What is Segmenting?

Updated on: October 12, 2015 Category: Basics, Campaign Building, Contacts, FAQ, Segmentation


Segmenting is splitting up your list into smaller parts, based on the interests or characteristics of your subscribers. That way you can send more targeted mail, which will lead to greater engagement.

Segments are smaller groupings of a list that you create based upon existing information (any data field) in your Robly database, like campaign activity (those who did or did not open a campaign), date subscribed, company name, and more.

So, for example, you could send out a campaign to your Entire list, but set up a segment that would ONLY include those who did or didn’t open your last campaign. Or, you could filter out those who lived only in a certain state.

To send to your segments, select the drop down menu on the List/Choose Your Recipients page of the Campaign builder:

Create a Segment


Or, you can access your Segments from Contacts > Segmentation:

Create segments




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