Read this is if you were given an “Evergreen Custom Template” as part of your screen share

Updated on: August 18, 2015 Category: Miscellaneous

First Redemption – Year 1:

A design call will be scheduled during your screen share. If we try to call you and you are not available, we will attempt again shortly thereafter, and then attempt to reschedule your design call. Robly will build one template after the design call.

You will receive a call when we have completed your template.

Subsequent Redemptions – Years 2 – Subscription End:

You are entitled to one design call and custom template per year for the life of your Robly Professional or All-in-One subscription. In order to redeem your template each year, you must contact within the first 30 days of each year of your subscription. We will book a design call for you, deliver a fresh Custom Template, and call you when it is completed.


Your “Evergreen Custom Template” will only be available for use with the Professional or All-in-One subscription. If you downgrade your subscription to Standard, you will not be able to use your “Evergreen Custom Template”.


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