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Updated on: August 28, 2015 Category: Miscellaneous

The Unlimited subscription includes an Evergreen Custom Template, an annual Deliverability Audit, and three follow-up consulting sessions  each year.


Evergreen Custom Template: We will book a design call at the time of your screen share. If we cannot contact you at that time, we will attempt to contact you shortly thereafter, then attempt to reschedule. Once we have done the design call, we will build your template, and contact you when it is finished. You are entitled to one round of changes.

To redeem templates in future years, contact in the first 30 days of each year of your subscription. We will book a design call and deliver a Custom Template. You are entitled to one round of changes.

Anual Deliverability Audit: 

We will schedule a call after your first campaign send to audit your deliverability and email marketing practices. We will deliver a detailed analysis of the campaign, make implementation suggestions on the rest of your email strategy, and schedule the next follow-up call.

To redeem the deliverability audit in subsequent years, contact in the first 30 days of each year of the subscription. We will book a deliverability audit call and deliver the audit.

Consulting Sessions: 

After the Design Call and Deliverability Audit, you are entitled to three more Consulting Sessions annually. The first Consulting Session will be scheduled at the end of the Deliverability Audit. If we can’t reach you at the scheduled time, we will attempt again, and then reschedule.

You will be granted 3 consulting sessions each year, apart from the Design call and Deliverability audit. The sessions expire at the anniversary of the Ultimate subscription start date.

To schedule consulting sessions, reach out to your dedicated marketing expert, or


You are entitled to downgrade to the Standard or Professional plan at any point. Just contact

If you have any further questions, please contact



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