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My changes didn’t save, what happened?

There are a few reasons your changes may not have saved. Unfortunately we do not have any way to recover lost changes.

Is the campaign open in more than one place?

If you have your campaign open in more than one browser, tab, window, or computer, your changes may disappear. That is because there are two versions open simultaneously, and one will override the other. Make sure you close any additional versions of your campaign and are only working in one place. Check with any co-workers who may also be logged in and working on campaigns – two people should never be working on the same campaign at the same time.

If you’re not sure if someone else is in the same campaign, try making a new copy of your campaign and make changes to the copy.

Is some of your content missing?

If you copy/paste content from Microsoft word or some other website, the HTML from that content may contain code that is preventing your content from displaying.

Try pasting your content into TextEdit (on Mac) or Notepad (on PC) then paste from there into your campaign. These plain-text editors will strip out any formatting that could cause issues.

Do you have too many tabs open or a spotty internet connection?

If you have an internet connection that is slow, interrupted, spotty, or inconsistent, you may experience unexpected issues with the way Robly works, since it is a web-based service.

Our auto-save feature works as long as an internet connection runs continuously. If your browser idles it can look like you are still connected even if the browser has timed out. This can prevent Robly from auto-saving properly.

If you have a lot of tabs open in one browser at the same time, it can cause invalid cookies and/or more frequent browser timeouts, which can prevent changes from saving. As such, you should keep the number of tabs you have at one time at a minimum to maintain an active connection.