How do I use Social Calendar?

Updated on: January 28, 2016 Category: Features, Social Media, Social Scheduler

Social Calendar lets you schedule social media posts to Facebook and Twitter in advance – much like Hootsuite does. In addition to automatically pushing your campaigns to social media, you can post additional, non-campaign based content from this page. You can also post, or re-post, past Robly campaigns if you like.

To get started, log into your Robly account, then click Campaigns –> Social Calendar.

Social Calendar


The first thing you’ll see is a calendar – it will be blank to start, but once you begin scheduling and sending posts you will see them populate here. You can also view the calendar by month, week, or day by clicking those buttons in the upper right hand corner:

Your scheduled social media posts will display on the Calendar

To Create a New Social Campaign

Click the Create a New Social Campaign button:

Create a New Social Campaign

Next, click Connect to Facebook and Connect to Twitter to connect each account.

Click Connect to Facebook and Connect to Twitter

Then, either choose a recent campaign you’ve sent in Robly, OR paste the URL you’d like to share into the Shrink field.

Pick your content

Once you choose your campaign OR paste your link in and then hit the orange Shrink button, the post preview will load. From here you can edit the Message and/or change/select the image you want to use.

Type directly in the Message field to add your own text to include with the post. You can remove the shortened link from that field if you wish! The numbers in the lower right hand corner of the Message box will show you how many characters are left for each social network’s maximum character count. You can also replace the automatically loaded text with your own – just click into each field to edit text.

You can use the automatically selected image, or use the arrows to scroll through images included in that link. Click the camera icon to select a different image from your Robly Image Library.

Campaign Options

Saving, Scheduling, and Publishing Social Campaigns

Once you’ve finished editing your post, you have 3 options:

Schedule for Later

If you click Schedule for Later, a calendar will load. You must choose the day, the hour – AM or PM – and the minute:

Schedule Calendar

Once you’ve chosen the time, you’ll see it in the Publish At field. To remove the time, click the X. To re-load the calendar, click the square icon:

Scheduled Time

Once you click Schedule for Later, the post will show in your Calendar. You can click on any post to View, Edit, or Delete:

Scheduled Posts

To Unschedule a social campaign,

Save for Later

To save a post for later without scheduling or publishing it, click Save for Later. This will move the campaign to your Drafts folder, where you can then click Options under any Campaign Message to Edit or Delete:

Social Drafts


If you’re ready to publish your social campaign, simply click the Publish Campaign button. You will get a pop-up window confirming that you are ready to publish – click OK. You’ll then be redirected to your calendar – if you refresh your screen you will see the post display on the calendar.

Once you publish a post you cannot retract or edit it via Robly – you must delete it directly from your Facebook or Twitter account.


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