How do I rename, search, organize, label, or delete my images?

Updated on: September 21, 2015 Category: Campaign Building, Drag & Drop Editor, Images, Miscellaneous

You can rename, search, organize, label, filter, edit, and delete images from your Image Browser or from a campaign you are working on.

Where to Find Your Image Browser:

Image Browser

Rename Images

To rename an image, click Edit on the right hand side of the image details:

Rename Images

Then, type your new name in and click Save:

Save New Image Name

In the campaign Image Browser, click Edit under File Information:

Search Images

To search for an image by name, type your search term into the box and hit the orange Search button. Click Clear to remove the search parameters and start over:

Search Images

Label/Organize Images

To label images and ultimately filter them by any individual label you’ve created, first you must Create New Labels by clicking Create New in the Filter by Label section. Then, type in your label name and click Create:

Create an Image Label

Then, click Add a Label under the image you want to label:

Add a Label

Pick your label from the dropdown menu and click the orange Save Label button. You will then see any applied labels on the right hand side–you can also remove them from the image using the Remove link:

Assigned Labels

To edit or remove labels altogether, click on Manage Labels:

Manage Labels

To filter by label, ie, to only show images that have a specific label, click on the label name under the Filter by Label menu. In the example below, we have clicked on “Logos”:

To Filter by Label

You can click on multiple labels to bring up all images that contain either label – click the label name again to remove any images with that label from the search results.

Delete Images

To delete images, use the check boxes in the upper left hand corner of the image list to select the image(s) you want to delete. Then, click the Delete button at the top of the page:

Delete Images

Edit Images

To edit an image, click Edit Image underneath the image details:

Edit Image

Download Images

To download a copy of an image by opening it in a new browser window, click Download under the image details – once the image opens in a new window, you can right click to Save As to save a copy on your hard drive.

Download Image

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