How Do I Export My Contacts from Constant Contact?

Updated on: February 24, 2015 Category: Contacts, Getting Started

Before you import your contacts into Robly, you must export them from Constant Contact.

Improved Contacts Page

  1. After logging into Constant Contact, click Contacts.
  2. In your left-hand menu, click the group of contacts you want to export or search for your contacts. In most cases, this will be your active contacts.2014-07-07_19-39-35
  3. Select all of the email addresses that displayed by clicking the check box in the upper-left corner of your results.
  4. Click “Export” in the menu.
  5. Click Export.
  6. You must go to the Activity tab to find your downloadable file. It may take a while to be ready to export.2014-07-07_19-27-22
  7. Click the link that says “Download Export File“, or “Download CSV,” and save it somewhere on your computer where you’ll be able to find it.2014-07-07_19-30-43

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