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How do I delete, duplicate, or move a module or element from my campaign?


To delete a module from your campaign, click the trash can icon that shows up at the bottom of any module when you click on it:

To delete an entire section, you must click on the background/border outside of that section. You can tell the difference based on where the blue outline is:


To duplicate a module, click the icon next to delete, the two squares:


To move a module, click on it and use the arrows to drag it to another part of the campaign. You will see blue lines that say “Drag it Here.”:

To move an entire section, click on the background area and use the arrows in the same way:

If you are using our original editor, follow these instructions:

To delete a module from your campaign, click the blue X that shows up in the top, right-hand corner when you hover your cursor inside that module:

 Delete, Duplicate, or Drag a Module