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Robly Reseller Terms of Service

Updated on: March 13, 2017

Robly reserves the right to update and change the Reseller Terms of Service without notice in any way. Restrictions: Reseller program will be for MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTIONS ONLY. No pre-pay or charity discounts will apply. Payments will occur at the end of a month. If your referred customer cancels before the end of the month, you […]

Robly: Terms of Service

Updated on: September 21, 2017

Robly Terms of Service: Introduction These “Terms of Service” (at times called “Agreement” or TOS) are a legal agreement between you and Robly Digital Marketing, a Delaware limited liability company. Robly is also referred to as “we” or “us.” You are our customer (“Member”)(or alternatively if you agree to these TOS you will become a […]

What is Robly’s Anti-SPAM Policy?

Updated on: February 24, 2015

We hate spammers. They jeopardize deliverability across our thousands of other customers. Robly is a permission-based, opt-in email marketing platform. That means you ABSOLUTELY CANNOT UPLOAD A PURCHASED OR RENTED LIST TO ROBLY. Never ever. If we find that you have uploaded a purchased or rented list to Robly (there are ways), your account will be immediately […]

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