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How to Caption an Image – Video

Updated on: August 9, 2017

If you are using our newest editor, unfortunately this feature is not available.  *Please note that you cannot currently caption an image within a text module*

How do I search/sort my campaigns?

Updated on: December 17, 2015

In Robly you can use the Search bar located under the orange bird in the Campaigns tab to search for your campaigns in a few different ways: 1. Search by Name. Enter any part of your campaign name into the search field to load the results that match. 2. Search by Date Created. Type in […]

How Does Google Analytics Tracking Work?

Updated on: November 2, 2017

What is Google Analytics Tracking? Google Analytics Tracking is a way to track clicks and page views to your site and associate them to a Robly campaign using your own Google Analytics account. While Google Analytics tracks all incoming sources of web traffic (search engine, pay-per-click, Twitter, etc.), this feature lets you track page views and […]

Why can’t I delete a module?

Updated on: December 15, 2015

If you’re having trouble deleting modules, it’s most likely because you’re using Chrome and have chosen to block pop-ups. When you delete a module, we load a pop-up that asks you if you’re sure you want to delete, so as to prevent potential boo-boos, aka, unwanted deletions. Clear your Chrome cache and restart your browser […]

How do I set the Inbox Preview Text?

Updated on: April 8, 2016

What is Preview Text? Preview text is the text that follows your subject line in someone’s inbox. It’s also known as snippet or pre-header text. In addition to your subject line, this text is extremely important because it gives you an additional chance to really grab someone’s attention. So, just like your subject line, you […]

How to Enable and Use Robly AI

Updated on: April 8, 2016

At Robly, we have always thought that it would be amazing if you could send a campaign at the exact moment subscribers check their inbox. With Robly A.I., you can do just that. Rather than send your campaign out to your whole list all at once, it’s “Just-in-Time” Email Delivery. Here’s how Robly A.I. Works: Send campaigns […]

Add Images Side by Side (Using Columns) – Video

Updated on: August 3, 2017

If you’re using our original editor, use this video:

Where is my template?

Updated on: November 1, 2017

If Robly has built a template for you, you will find it under Campaigns. It will almost always be called “Your Robly Template.” The original will be a permanent, non-editable copy. There will also be a Your Robly Template – Copy that you can edit (by clicking EDIT underneath) or make an additional copy by […]

How do I add a caption to an image?

Updated on: August 9, 2017

If you are using our newest editor, unfortunately this feature is not available. **Please note that captions only work for standalone images – not images inside text modules – at this time.** Click on the image. Use the Caption option at the top of the screen to insert a caption under your image:  

How do I add an Unsubscribe link to my campaign?

Updated on: March 10, 2016

Robly email footers automatically include a link to Unsubscribe as required by email marketing compliance laws. If you want to add the link at the top of your campaign or elsewhere in the body of the email, you can do so by following these instructions. In the campaign builder, type out the text you want […]


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