Can I print or make a PDF of my campaign?

Updated on: November 2, 2017 Category: Campaign Building

We don’t have a handy print feature — yet.

How to Create a PDF of a Campaign

1. The campaign MUST be SENT and the original (not OpenGen) version. You cannot create a PDF of a Draft, Scheduled, or OpenGen campaign.

2. Go to Options, then click Create PDF:


The system will generate your PDF in 15-20 seconds. Click the View PDF button to see it:


This will open the PDF in a new browser window. Use your browser’s built-in print/download feature to download and/or save a copy to your computer. This will look different in different browsers, but in Chrome it look like this at the top:


In Safari, it’s at the bottom, and looks like this:


The PDF generated will not save anywhere in your account. If you need to access it again, simply repeat the process above!




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