Where can I see a specific contact’s activity?

Updated on: October 28, 2017 Category: Contacts, Reports

To see activity, go to the Contacts tab.

Use the search field to find the contact, then click on the person’s name or email address to open their profile:

From here, you will see all the Recent Activity on the right hand side of the screen:



The Events on the right hand side are as follows:

Email Sent: Means that the campaign name below “Email Sent” was sent to that person.

Sent from Gmail: You sent them a one-to-one email via Gmail.

Open: The person opened the campaign name included in the description.

Click: The person clicked a URL in your campaign.

Unsubscribe: The person clicked a link to Unsubscribe.

Spam Report: The person marked your email as Spam.

Bounce: The email hard or soft bounced.

Contact Created: details about when the contact was created.

Note Added: a note about the contact was added.

Call / Email / Lunch / Meeting: One of these was added as a task.


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